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Terms & conditions

We ask all our hirers to treat the hall with respect and leave it in the condition you found it.

The legal document below details your responsibilities when hiring the hall and our responsibilities to you, the hirer.


Please click on the links:

IAAVH terms and conditions of hire

If you are considering booking a bouncy castle for use the hall or garden please read this first:


In addition the following links may be helpful:

IAAVH checklist for hire of hall

IAAVH sale of alcohol form 

if you intend to sell alcohol at your event (even if the cost of the alcohol is included within the ticket price), this form needs to be completed and returned to us for approval as soon as possible after booking. It cannot be approved if it is not with us at least a week before the event.

IAAVH candle permission form 

IAAVH fire procedures 

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